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Dane Palmero, the owner of Overflow Pool Repair, has been an integral player in the swimming pool industry since 1978. He began his career as an underwater swimming pool repair specialist after acquiring his scuba certification, and quickly moved on to developing a weekly maintenance route servicing residential and commercial clients.

In 1982 Dane ventured into pool construction and discovered a passion and talent for pool design. Dane has been designing and building pools ever since, and has acquired a vast array of first-hand knowledge of every phase of pool construction. His years of experience and his natural design talent have made Dane one of the most sought-after pool designers in the industry.

When addressing the mechanics of pool building, Dane’s first-hand knowledge of swimming pools allows him to accurately design pools that are efficient and well constructed. Dane has distinguished himself among pool designers as one who has successfully paired this technical expertise with award-winning creativity.

Every design is personally tailored to the client’s specifications, but with aesthetic appeal that invariably goes beyond the client’s initial expectation. Dane utilizes 3-D CAD, a state-of-the-art design program that allows the client to virtually visit their new pool prior to construction.

Dane has been publicly recognized for his designs, including an Award of Excellence for Technical and Engineering.

In addition, Dane is the author of the “Ultimate Pool Buyers Guide”, Dane took his years of experience and wrote this book to help pool buyers understand the basic aspects of pool construction, what’s involved, and what to expect during the construction phases. But most importantly the right questions to ask your sales representative so they don’t get caught up with the unknowns.

Danes experience in the pool industry ranges from the simple changing out of a pool light bulb to completely moving and replacing pool and spa equipment, finding underground leaks, to pool chemistry.